Fractional Health and Safety Solutions.

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Transforming the way you approach safety. At SafetyComply, we make workplace health and safety management easier and save businesses time and money.

Services we provide

Audits and Prequalification

Master Audits and Prequalification processes. Our expertise ensures your company isn't just compliant but also operating at the peak of safety standards.

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EHS Management

Streamline your safety processes with an electronic tool. We will ensure that you are using the tool to benefit your company at the highest level, increasing the effectiveness of your HS management and removing barriers to success.

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Custom Safety Docs

From policies and procedures to forms and operational material our consultant team works closely with you to craft tailored safety strategies that align with industry standards.

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Coaching and Guidance

Working closely with the members of your team that are taking the actions needed to further your health and safety program, empowering them to be part of developing health and safety processes that work for them.

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Initial Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your current safety protocols and practices.


Strategy Development

Based on our assessment, we craft a tailored safety strategy aligned with your company's goals.



With a clear plan in place, we manage rolling out the necessary changes, ensuring every step is executed perfectly.



Utilizing a 'tell-show-do' process we work closely with each member of your team and guide them through making changes and learning more skills.


Build Culture

The results of the actions we take directly impact the culture at your company and we get to know your company and processes to ensure you HS management has a positive impact on culture.


Continuous Action

Safety is an ongoing commitment. We monitor, adjust and optimize to keep your business at the forefront of safety standards.

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Aaron Tombe

Knightway Mobile Haulers

Working with SafetyComply transformed our approach to workplace safety. Not only did they help us ace our COR audit, but they also instilled a safety-first culture within our team. Their expertise and dedication are evident in every interaction.

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Perfect for small businesses looking for foundational safety guidance and documentation.


Ideal for companies aiming to improve existing safety systems and pass SECOR/COR audits.


Comprehensive safety solution, including all features, trainings, and continuous support.